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by Oct 31, 2016

Clark Vandeventer is an author, fundraising consultant, and traveler. The former deputy director of the historic home of President Ronald Reagan, in 2010 he was a candidate for United States Congress. A few months after losing his election, Clark was out of money, had no idea what to do next, and found himself living with his wife and young children in his in-law’s garage. That’s when Clark began the process of re-thinking and re-building his life. He’s the author of the book, unWorking, available on Amazon and publishes a travel and lifestyle design blog at His second book, Backdoor to the White House, is also available on Amazon and he’s working on two more books scheduled for release in 2017. He’s a major gifts fundraising consultant to non-profit organizations and has personally solicited tens of millions of dollars of support for life-changing and world-changing causes. He’s passionate about maintaining a work-life balance while constantly reminding himself that a life of leisure is not a worthy goal. It’s not enough to have a great life. He wants to do great work. He’s the husband of Monica, the father of three great kids and is a passionate cyclist and skier. You can read his full bio here.

acorn Major Gifts Fundraiser

Clark is a major gifts fundraising consultant to non-profit organizations. Drawing from his experience in more than 1,400 individual donor meetings and tens of millions of dollars solicited, Clark is one of the most effective coaches for training professional staff how to build relationships with major donors.

Clark’s Books

Wake up. The world has changed. Are you living in the emerging already here world, or are you still living in the old one? The old world was about paying your dues and biding your time on the basis of promised golden years. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Don’t complain; just adapt. The old world wasn’t that good anyway. Who wants to give the best years of their life to a job and then wake up at 65 and wonder where all the time went? In the new world you can write your own ticket, be your own boss, and live on a grand scale, now.



Clark is working on two books for publication in 2017 and you can sign up to receive updates. Once the writing is complete, you’ll also be able to weigh in on suggested titles and even vote on cover designs. His non-profit clients will be glad to finally hear that Clark is writing a book on fundraising! Long-time readers of Family Trek and fans of unWorking will be happy to hear he’s working on a new book that follows along those lines where he addresses what he calls the bootstrapping myth.

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For the first time since the election of 1824, the 12th Amendment is enacted and the House of Representatives will select the next president. Clark goes inside the campaigns and behind closed doors as candidates offer cabinet positions and ambassadorships trying to woo support from members of Congress. Clark takes you on a journey that ends with the inaugurating of a new president. You won’t be able to put this book down until you know who wins, and how it happens. It’s a political fiction like no other!